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Share your cannabis business experiences, reviews about CBD products, guidance, and recommendations with other CBD entrepreneurs.
Invest In Weed creates unique material and high-quality news about cannabis companies that are advancing the industry.
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A Few Reasons Why You Should Blog For Us

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2. Become a member of our ever-expanding community.
3. Let the European Cannabis (CBD) Community know about your experiences.

In Exchange, What Do You Get?
1. You gain various benefits for contributing CBD guest posts to our site, the most important of which is exposure!
2. You get credit for all of their guest posts and a link to their website in the author bio.
3, Promotion of their content on the CannaListEU Newsletter on a weekly to biweekly basis.
This is a chance whether you’re trying to make a reputation for yourself in the industry or want to increase attention and traffic to your own blog.


1. We’d like to help you get credit for your guest posts by letting you add a byline/signature. This space isn’t for ads. Introduce yourself and what you do in Invest In Weed’s Community.
2. Below their text, authors will have bios with website links. We accept up to two connections per individual, but they can’t be affiliate links, MLM sites, or explicit material.
3. All of the articles should only be used once. You may not republish the post on your own blog or on any other website that publishes articles. This takes away from the blog, but having many versions of the same article causes a duplicate content problem.
4. Hemp guest posting can’t connect to authors’ blogs. If you use news or articles from other bloggers, you must attribute them, but we don’t allow links to your own blogs. This rule bans posting fluff to promote another site.
5. Images must be 550 pixels wide. Original or public domain photographs must be utilized. You must credit your photos.
6. Authors must abide by copyright rules and not infringe on the rights of others. This implies no plagiarizing other people’s papers or works.
7. Submissions become the property of CannaListEU; however, unless you request anonymity, you will be credited for your effort.
8. We have the right to reject any post, article, or remark that we feel improper for publishing.
9. We reserve the right to alter your articles for editorial purposes, which may include changes to grammar, spelling, or style.
10. Before sending your articles to us, it is your responsibility to proofread them.

What’s The Best Way To Get Started?

Your articles should be sent to [email protected].

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