While some insist that detoxing or cleansing is nothing more than a modern fad, the tradition of cleansing the body from the inside out using herbs and other natural ingredients is age-old. One might argue that primitive medicine is not a reliable basis for modern health, but doctors still use detoxification as a primary method to treat toxicity in substance abuse, poisoning, and overdose cases.

Additionally, while severe cases of toxicity require medical attention, health-and-wellness companies source cleansing herbs internationally to synthesize fast-acting, over-the-counter formulas such as the high voltage detox 7 hour cleanse. Never have there existed more options for detoxification than there do today.

Ancient Detox

Ancient societies worldwide used detoxification elixirs as early as 4,000 years ago. Documentation of such standard healing practices exists in almost every continent. From the Far and Near East to Europe and the Americas, archaic humans prepared cleansing potions using medicinal herbs, bark, roots, and other natural ingredients local to a given society’s geographical region.

Each culture developed its own philosophies and methods of cleansing. For example, in ancient India, the healing practices of Ayurveda broke detoxification down into several categories to better organize treatments. These cleansing types included

    ● Bowel cleansing
    ● Upper gastrointestinal cleansing
    ● Colonic and lower-intestinal cleansing
    ● Cleansing of the blood
    ● Nasal cleansing

From the sweat lodges of the Native Americans to Egyptian enemas and the restorative dieting cleanses of the Turks, the ancients were well aware of the benefits of periodically ridding the body of toxins.

Modern Medical Detox

With the rise of synthetic toxins used and wasted in manufacturing, transportation, agricultural production, and other industries, the modern world is a far more toxic environment than the one that the ancients inhabited. Additionally, the plethora of synthetic recreational illicit drugs available to contemporary society increases the general toxicity of being a modern human, even if one does not partake in what some call “self-medicating” practices.

Fortunately, modern medicine has taken the age-old methods of detoxification that the ancients used, studied its constituents, tested its theories, and extracted whatever was proven effective. For instance, vitamin B1, a naturally occurring vitamin in many organic foods and herbal substances, is isolated for direct administration to recovering alcoholics to help their bodies safely detox from drinking too much.

Detoxing and cleansing are as widely used today as in ancient times, both by individuals and doctors, because they work. Light detoxing and regular cleansing with herbal preparations can act as a preventative form of personal healthcare. But for those who are less proactive or simply need to clear their systems quickly, commercially produced rapid detox drinks do the trick.