Do you want to know how to extract the oil from a marijuana plant? The best way is by using heat and water. This method can be done at home, but you must use the proper equipment.

You can use either decarboxylated flower or kief as your starting material. However, it will be easier with flowers since they have already been broken down into smaller pieces that are more easily processed by heat. If you choose kief, just make sure it has been finely ground to melt evenly when heated up.

You will need a collection vessel with hot water, two jars (one smaller than the other), and a strainer or filter of some sort. It’s also helpful if you have gloves on hand if your hands get too warm while handling the jar filled with hot water.

Here’s what to do. Fill one jar about halfway full with cold water and place it in an area that won’t be disturbed for several hours. Then put your cannabis into another jar, filling this one full of weed.

Pour enough boiling-hot tap water over the top of the cannabis to cover all surfaces by 1/2 inch or more of liquid. Screw-on lid tightly and shake well for 30 seconds or so. Remove lid carefully without letting any steam escape (steam may condense inside lid). Replace lid after putting hot boiling water with an interval of ten minutes, allowing pressure to dissipate slowly as vapors cool down inside container.

Repeat this step every 10 minutes until no more bubbles appear when adding fresh boiling-hot tap water (this could take up to 2 hours). Now strain the mixture through cheesecloth into a second jar containing cold tap water. Discard contents remaining in the first jar used for the heating process because they are spent material that contains very little THC.

The oil will start floating on the cold water jar. Your cannabis oil is ready for use.

The process of extracting THC and other cannabinoids is known as “
.” This means applying heat (usually around 100 degrees Celsius) for a certain amount of time to activate the compounds within your cannabis.

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