Cannabis seeds can be stored for up to years if stored properly. But if you do not take proper care, they can go bad in a few months.

Cannabis seeds are living organisms. They need to be stored with care and attention in order for them not only to germinate when planted but also grow into healthy plants To ensure this happens as planned, make sure your cannabis is kept at optimal conditions before storing away.

Best Conditions For Cannabis Seeds
Cannabis seeds have three main enemies:
• Humidity
• Light
• Temperature Changes

It’s important to place your seeds in a cool, dark place and keep them away from light. If you can’t find an appropriate storage solution or if their packaging gets damaged during transportation, just make sure not to let them come into contact with rapid temperature changes as this will trigger fungal growth, which could prevent germinating the seed; altogether!

How You Can Store Your Cannabis Seeds?
For short-term storage, a dark drawer or cupboard with stable temperatures is good enough. Try to keep your seeds out of places that experience natural temperature changes in the local environment. If possible, don’t store them outside due to hot days followed by cool nights as this can cause damage very quickly!

For long-term storage, it is good to keep your seed in a sealed container inside the fridge. Remember that opening up doors and lights can actually cause temperature shifts on these items, which could change how well they last as well as their desired flavor over time due to moisture loss from humid environments like kitchens where food is often opened multiple times per day.

To prevent your seeds from going stale, transfer them into an airtight container as soon as possible after opening. Ziplock bags are great for this purpose because you can remove all the oxygen inside and seal it, so there is almost no chance of spoilage! It’s important that you protect your seeds from the dry conditions of a fridge. Seeds exposed to this will not be able to withstand such stress and may end up dying before they have time enough energy for germination!

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