It’s only yesterday that the narrative on marijuana came to light albeit to much opposition from the civil societies and governments. But through thick and thin, this is now the giant in the house with all those bodies that have in the past been against the pot industry, a majority of them wants it legalized. Today, according to a recent reputable survey, out of 3 US citizens, 2 of them want it legalized.

This begs the question; what is making pot stocks so famous? Let us look at some of the things you may have not known about the marijuana stocks.

1. Profits

The recreational marijuana is now legalized in Canada which seems to dazzle investors with the promise of higher output potential, partnerships and product partnerships. Just recently the Wall Street and its partners bought into those promises without blinking and they are getting good returns.

2. Pots legal changes the world over

The use of cannabis started entering the American mainstream in the 1900s. It faced tough opposition from alcohol and tobacco companies and alcohol lobbyist. In 1996 in the US, a pro-cannabis constitutional piece was successfully passed. By 2018, most US states allowed the use of the herb. By October 17th, 2018, Canada had already legalized the use of recreational cannabis.

3. The first electronic exchange for marijuana

NASDAQ is the first ever electronic exchange. It majorly deals in biotechnology and technology. Most of its companies operate in the biotech area of marijuana. They include Arena Pharmaceuticals Inc., Psychemedics Corps, Tilray Inc, just to name a few.

4. The notable logistics and administrative support to matters marijuana

AmeriCann Inc, alias ACAN is a real estate and facilities services company. It also offers administrative support for weed investors. It has a subsidiary for licensing procurement that focuses on winning a lucrative pot license for its clients.

5. Pots stocks to keep an eye on

These are the top marijuana stocks to put tubs on NASDAQ going forward,
•Canopy Growth
•Aurora Cannabis
They were trading on the New York Stock Exchange as of March 2019.

6. Medical marijuana

This industry is still watching to see the direction of the market, anticipating for a wave in the recreational market. As such, they have not fully tested these rather murky waters.

7. As a rookie don’t rely on online advice on how to trade marijuana stocks

It is advisable to keep abreast with the latest news about the pots stocks as a rookie rather than rely on online advice. Relying on online news may lead to a great feeling of disappointment when things don’t work out as expected.

8. Never look back in anger

Try as much as possible to stick to your game plan. You could end up ditching your shares only for them to quadruple a few months ahead. Rather, continue to research the next opportunity as it unfolds.

9. Future of marijuana Stocks

Most investors are likely to be retail investors in the days ahead.

10. Good days are ahead

You may have read about this being a bubble waiting to pop. However, hold on to your game plan and trade wisely; good days are waiting for the ardent marijuana stocks Investors.