With marijuana becoming legal in more states across the US, there is a need for more valuable marijuana news outlets that help inform the public and give investors and business professionals in the industry the necessary information they need to find success in an evolving industry. When looking for legit sources of marijuana news, you should look for these 5 qualities:

Ethics and Integrity

Whatever source from which you get your marijuana news should have certain ethics. Being ethical is an attribute every good journalist should have, and the same should be said about the publication for which they write. Lies and assumptions should never be written unless they are quotes from sources or else the audience will no longer have faith in the publication.

Journalists and the news outlets they write for are relied on by their readership for correct information that is not skewed in any way. Another attribute that every good marijuana news source should have is to be unbiased. Journalists and publications should be unbiased and neither lean to one side nor the other of an argument. Unless it is an opinion piece and stated as much, the job of a news outlet is to provide information to the public in a readable format without trying to sway the reader’s opinion one way or another.

Expert Communications Skills

In order to reach the public and people of all education levels, a legit marijuana news source should have expert communication skills. They should be able to inform people with limited education and those with professional degrees at the same time while writing in a way that attracts the interest of a broad audience. The quality of writing is also essential. A piece of writing full of errors will actually deter readers, making them lose respect for the publication and making them appear unreliable. Expert communication skills are crucial for developing an audience base and keeping the public interested.

Knowledge of the Marijuana Industry

A legit source of marijuana news should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the industry. In order to attract readers of all different backgrounds, whether they’re in the marijuana industry or are considering becoming an investor, it’s essential that the articles they read offer value and can help them make information-based decisions.

Investigative Skills

Part of being knowledgeable in the marijuana industry is being able to do research on the things a writer may not know. A journalist for a legit source of marijuana news should have investigative skills that allow them to learn about different topics that relate to marijuana. Investigation skills also go one in one with communication skills as some investigating might require interviewing industry professionals.


Not everyone wants to read long, content-heavy, articles all the time. It’s important to provide readers with different types of media that support the writing. Photos, videos, and infographics can support information and improve the delivery of important information without becoming tedious. If your publication has a section for stocks and financial information, it’s crucial to present this information in a way that is easy to understand for those looking for specific information quickly.