Frequently Asked Questions Following October 17th

On October 17, 2018 the Cannabis Act came into effect, changing how cannabis is regulated in Canada. As a medical patient, you may have questions as to how you’re impacted.  We’ve created a list of questions to address ways in which you might be affected.

How much medical cannabis am I allowed to carry/travel with outside of my home?
Canadians who are of legal age for consumption can possess up to the equivalent of 30g of dried cannabis (or non-dried equivalent) in public. As a registered medical patient, you are also permitted to travel with 30 times the daily quantity of dried cannabis as prescribed on your registration document, up to 150g2. If you’re planning to travel with more than the equivalent of 30g, be prepared to provide your registration documentation to prove legal possession.

Can I travel across the border with medical cannabis? 
Canada’s border rules with regards to medical cannabis are not changing. Taking cannabis or any product that contains cannabis across the Canadian border is illegal and could result in serious criminal penalties. This applies to those traveling out of Canada as well as when entering Canada. To learn more, visit:

Where can I learn more about the rules related to cannabis impaired driving? 
To learn more about the impaired driving laws in Canada, visit: Please be sure to review the laws specific to your province of residence.

Does Aphria cover the cost of excise tax on medical cannabis products?
Aphria covers the cost of the excise tax on medical cannabis.

How much medical cannabis can I order now?
Under the Cannabis Act, the 30-day limitation period for buying medical cannabis from a federally licensed seller has been removed. At Aphria, we believe that your prescribing physician is an important part of your medical cannabis journey. They provide the knowledge and expertise required to set dosing schedules and daily amounts of cannabis for specific medical conditions, as well as to monitor and adjust these levels based on its efficacy, while minimizing adverse effects. As a patient, you should rely on the guidance. What this means for you: If you were a medical cannabis patient under the ACMPR, the ordering process has not changed. Grams will be available to you on a 30-day cycle, based on the grams/day prescribed to you by Health Care Practitioner.

What shipping options do I have?
All patient orders will be charged a $5 flat rate for shipping through Canada Post, Purolator and FedEx (excluding same-day options).

Why am I being asked to enter my birth date to enter the website?
In alignment with the Cannabis Act that took effect Oct. 17, 2018, we must ensure that minors and underaged individuals do not have access to information related to cannabis.

Product Availability
Our focus is the same as it has been since day one – producing safe, high-quality cannabis. While Canadian public attention remains fixated on the recreational market, Aphria is committed to prioritizing the needs of our patients and protecting their health and safety, 100% of the time.

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