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Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Biogen Advisor, Dr. Alex Makriyannis, PhD, Joins ICC Funded Biosynthesis Cannabinoid Company; to Champion Cannabinoid Pharmaceutical Research and THC/CBD Edibles Application Mandates

Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Biogen Advisor, Dr. Alex Makriyannis, PhD, Joins ICC Funded Biosynthesis Cannabinoid Company; to Champion Cannabinoid Pharmaceutical Research and THC/CBD Edibles Application Mandates

Dr. Makriyannis will champion the Company’s pursuit of biosynthesizing cannabinoids identical to those found in nature.

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, July 23, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ICC International Cannabis Corp. (CSE: WRLD.U)(FWB: 8K51)(OTC: WLDCF) (the “Company” or “ICC” or “International Cannabis”) is pleased to announce that the Company, alongside Biotii Technologies Corp. (“Biotii”) has entered into a cannabinoid pharmaceutical advisory agreement (the “Agreement”) with Pfizer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Biogen Advisor, Dr. Alexandros Makriyannis, PhD (“Dr. Makriyannis”).

A professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology in the Department of Medicinal Chemistry at Northeastern University, Dr. Makriyannis is credited with numerous scientific cannabinoid-centric achievements, including the discovery of cannabinoid receptor antagonists, as well as pioneering inmetabolically stable endocannabinoids.

Dr. Makriyannis will champion the Company’s pursuit of biosynthesizing cannabinoids identical to those found in nature, with the objective of standardizing pharmacological effects within the human endocannabinoid system.

Highly specialized knowledge of cannabinoid biochemistry, as well as the macro human endocannabinoid system equips ICC and Biotii with a first mover competitive advantage to economically scale its synthesized cannabinoid platform.By 2020, ICC and Biotii intends to establish processes to efficiently mass-produce CBD/THC in quantities of hundreds of metric tonnes per annum, which boast:Stable and consistent yields;Pharmaceutical-grade purities; and,The lowest production costs in the space.Biotii’s scalable synthesizing process will enable the manufacturing of enigmatic cannabis compounds, as well as THC and CBD at materially lower costs when compared with conventional cultivation and extraction processes.

Traditional cultivation of cannabis plants for the purpose of extracting cannabidiolic acid (“CBDA”), THC and CBD is a time, labour and resource intensive endeavour that can result in depressed extraction yields of approximately 2.5 per cent.

Armed with a successful track record of generating cannabinoid centric intellectual property (“IP”), including the authoring of 37 related patents within the United States, Dr. Makriyannis will assist in guiding ICC funded Biotii with their corporate mandate of securing a robust portfolio of defendable IP. Dr. Makriyannis is exclusively qualified to ensure Biotii’s retains its competitive advantage as one of the first innovators to economically biosynthesize cannabinoids at industrial scale.

Underpinning his lifetime of achievements in academia and cannabis related research, including the design of cannabinoid receptor probes as early as 1995, Dr. Makriyannis was trained at the University of California, Berkeley, Tufts Medical School, as well as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.Dr. Makriyannis has lectured at over 110 institutions including preeminent, multinational pharmaceutical companies and academic centers such as Abbott Laboratories, the American Chemical Society, Harvard Medical School, Columbia University, and Yale.

The Company’s new advisor  permits Biotii and ICC with direct access to a vast network of global leaders within the cannabis research community. Dr. Makriyannis’ previous advisory clientele includes:Pfizer;Bristol Myers;Biogen Idec;Nestle;Glaxo Wellcome;Genaissance Pharmaceuticals;MAKScientific;Forest Laboratories;Arqule Pharmaceuticals; and,Aileron Therapeutics.David Shpilt, Chief Executive Officer of International Cannabis stated: “Developing a scaled cannabinoid biosynthesis platform requires comprehensive knowledge of precise biochemical processes within the human metabolism of cannabinoids.

Dr. Makriyannis affords ICC backed Biotii an unparalleled competitive advantage with his singular understanding of the human endocannabinoid system, as well as the specific underlying receptor interactions. With Dr. Makriyannis’ guidance, ICC and Biotii are better equipped than ever to produce the absolute highest quality of cannabinoids, far exceeding industry standards, within the cannabis, food, and pharmaceutical verticals.

“The fortuitous timing of Dr. Makriyannis appointment will function as a beachhead within ICC/Biotii’s pursuit of manufacturing high-quality cannabinoid inputs for the emerging cannabis-infused edibles, beverage and topical marketplace. His experience advising food conglomerates, such as Nestlé S.A is closely aligned with upcoming amendments to Health Canada regulations, including the recently announced schedule to legalize cannabis edibles in Q4 2019 or Q1 2020. Dr. Makriyannis further augments International Cannabis and Biotii capabilities in crafting highest quality edible cannabinoid products and natural biosynthesized additives for the cannabis industry.

The knowledge of cannabis plants, synthesized cannabinoids and human receptors brought by Dr. Makriyannis will guide ICC and Biotii in continuing to build a robust portfolio of meaningful intellectual property that will protect our proprietary processes from the initial biosynthesis of cannabinoids through the controlled metabolism of our cannabinoids within the human body, all while generating significant long-term investor value.

Dr. Makriyannis’ deep-seated comprehension of the human endocannabinoid system is further demonstrated by 430 published research papers validated within the peer reviewed scientific journal arena. Collectively the aforementioned research papers have generated over 15,360 additional citations.

Dr. Makriyannis asserted: “As the scientific community’s global understanding of the human endocannabinoid system expands and social acceptance of cannabis increases, it is truly exciting to join Biotii and ICC in their pursuit of radical advancements within the biosynthesis of cannabinoids. Together we champion a long-term focus on discovering sustainable pharmaceutical applications for cannabis related medicines with the objective of improving patient outcomes.”

Throughout his esteemed career, Dr. Makriyannis has secured non-dilutable funding in the form of US$4 million in research grants awarded by the U.S. National Institute of Health (“NIH”). Dr. Makriyannis’ intricate knowledge of the scientific research grant model will provide ICC backed Biotii with a coveted opportunity to pursue for non-diluted funding, thus augmenting the Companies operational and research runway.

Recent NIH grants and previous industry funding awards, spearheaded by Dr. Makriyannis include:Cannabinoid Receptor 2 Signaling;Supplementation of Omega-3 Fatty Acids during Pregnancy;Candidate Medications for Cannabis Addiction: FAAH Inhibitors;Cannabinergic Medications for Methamphetamine Addiction;Endocannabinoid Active Sites as Therapeutic Targets; Cannabimimetic Ligands and Drugs;Training Program in Medications Development for Drugs of Abuse;Novel Medications for Cannabis Dependence;Endo Pharmaceuticals CB2 Selective Agonists;Glaxo Wellcome Design and Synthesis of Antineoplastic Alkyl Lysophospholipids;Glaxo Wellcome Antineoplastic Ether Lipids Molecular Mechanisms of Action;WHO World Health Organization Research Award; and,Pfizer Central Research Development of Porcine Somatotropin Receptor Binding Assays.

Dr. John Harrold, Biotii’s Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder stated: “Professor Makriyannis has achieved global cannabis related research for more than three decades. In joining Biotii’s scientific advisory board, Makriyannis offers not only his expertise of individual cannabinoid molecules, but also his knowledge of ligand receptor interactions within the human endocannabinoid system. By leveraging direct access to targeted intel on CB1 receptor and CB2 receptor interactions, ICC and Biotii hopes to gain an additional competitive advantage in building the world’s first scaled cannabinoid biosynthesis platform.”


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