With marijuana legalization continuing to increase, the cannabis industry has seen unprecedented growth over the years. With cannabis startups and marijuana stocks seeing tremendous investment numbers, investors across the world have been quick to jump aboard the ever-growing trend. As nearly $881 million was poured into the cannabis industry in 2018 via capital investment, it’s only a matter of time before marijuana stocks become a regular trade asset in the market.

If you’re someone looking to get involved with marijuana stocks in 2020, but aren’t sure where to begin, we’ve got the resources for you. We decided to put together a list of the top 10 leading investors in marijuana stocks to help you create your own investment strategy. From investors operating in the discovery process to firms developing new extraction and refining services, we’ve done all the hard work for you.

Take a look at our list below and let us know in the comments section if we missed an investor that you’d like us to know about.

Privateer Holdings

Led by three entrepreneurs based out of Seattle, Privateer Holdings is a private equity firm that focuses on building a global portfolio with the hopes of determining and leading the future of the cannabis industry. Privateer Holdings was also the first firm to cross the $100 million mark in fundraising in 2018 and has raised more than $129 million overall.

MedMen Capital

As the single largest financial supporter of progressive marijuana laws on all levels of government, MedMen Capital is re-shaping the cannabis industry. After launching at $100 million AUM in 2016, MedMen Capital has since grown an additional $30 million in the cannabis industry.

Tuatara Capital

Founded in 2014, Tuatara Capital is a market leader in the cannabis industry. After raising $93 million in 2016, Tuatara Capital exceeded its own expectations and also serves as singer Willie Nelson’s lead investor with his cannabis brand.

Poseidon Asset Management

Founded in 2013, Poseidon Asset Management is becoming one of the longest-running cannabis investment funds. With more than $105MM Assets Under Management, Poseidon Asset Management continues to cover a wide range of companies in the cannabis industry.

Salveo Capital

Based out of Chicago, Salveo Capital declared a $25 million offering in 2018 and continues to establish itself in the cannabis market.

Casa Verde

After raising more than $33 million in 2018, Casa Verde boasts itself as one of the leading venture capitalist firms in the cannabis industry.

Phyto Partners

Rated a top-five cannabis venture capital fund by Forbes Magazine, Phyto Partners is a fund focused on the data and technology of businesses operating in the cannabis industry.

Indus Holdings

Founded in 2014, Indus Holdings is a vertically-integrated cannabis company focused on the investment of cultivation, extraction, and manufacturing within the cannabis industry and showcases an extensive portfolio of brands and licensed retailers within the space.

Archytas Ventures

Led by a multidisciplinary team, Archytas Ventures has decades of investment, structuring, and operating experience in the global cannabis and hemp industry.

Canna Angels

Founded with the sole purpose of being an angel investment consortium, Canna Angels continues to be at the forefront of investment opportunities within the cannabis industry.

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