The rising excitement and popularity of marijuana stocks has created what experts are calling the “Green Rush.” Expert and novice investors alike are looking to get into the game early with hopes of making a big pay day.

As with any stock, keeping up with the latest trends and news is an important way to make wise decisions about which companies to support. Luckily, modern technology makes it easier than ever to keep up-to-date on marijuana stock news. Following the industry news is the best way to minimize risk and maximize reward.

Here are some of the best apps for tracking marijuana stock news:

1. Investing In Weed Stocks

This guide provides information about the overarching marijuana industry, what is popular, and investment strategies. The app provides access to over 50 videos, helpful statistics, and tips for success. Seasoned stock investors might find this app a little too basic, but it is perfect for anyone starting out or new to the game.

2. Yahoo Finance

Yahoo Finance is great for any stock news, so it makes a great app for tracking marijuana stock news. It allows you to track the performance of your portfolio, obtain real-time stock quotes, and compare stocks. The basic version is free, but the premium version starts at $34.99 a month and comes with exclusive tools.

3. Marijuana Handbook

This is the ultimate guide to understanding marijuana. It has a gigantic database of facts, cookbooks, dispensary maps, and information on over 175 different strains. While this app isn’t directly related to marijuana stock news, it is a great starting point for investors new to the cannabis industry. There is not a free version, but the full version is only $2.99, a worthwhile investment to become a marijuana expert.

4. Scutify

Scutify is a completely free app that contains learning tools for beginner investors and interactive discussions. Both traders and investors can create informational articles to share with the community. Think of this as a social network and educational resource for stocks. You can even set it to send you news updates about any stocks that you want to follow.

5. Market Watch

Market Watch is another free app that is useful across the entirety of the stock market. One of its best features involves the ability to get real-time updates on topics that matter to you. This includes business news and analysis, market data, a watch list, and article sharing. Some users do note that the app is better utilized from your computer over the app, but the app does serve as a great place to start.

Because marijuana stocks are still relatively new, there is still a great deal to learn. Keep on the lookout as more app developers realize the potential for this market and create new apps to help investors keep track of stock news. You might even decide to take your earnings from your own marijuana stock portfolio and invest in creating the next amazing app!

What are your favorite apps to help marijuana stocks? Please comment below.