Kiva Confections’ weed gravy wants you to be just as baked as your turkey. It is time for happy holidays and you can say goodbye to awkward dinner conversations.

Thanksgiving dinners get a bad rep in the press. TV shows, movies, sketches – you name it – they’ve all mined thanksgiving dinners for drama, tension and/or comedy. It’s those long conversations you’d rather not have, opinions you’d rather not hear and questions you’d rather not answer that make for great character outlines. Great entertainment, but not-so-great situations to be in. In fact, studies show that one out of four Americans have hidden from family during Thanksgiving.

Well, a California-based company wants to make sure your family time is a good time this year.

Bring out the Big Bird!

Kiva Confections is launching a limited-edition Turkey Gravy. It comes in single-serve packets using traditional Thanksgiving ingredients like turkey stock, salt, onion, garlic and… 

…a 10 mg dose of THC…

Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC, is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana responsible for its distinctive euphoric effect.

Simply whisk the powder in a cup of water in a saucepan, bring to a boil, whisk till thick and voila! Instant Happy Holidays!

It’s not just for show or a gimmick, either. They claim to have used: 

“cutting-edge technology that bypasses edibles’ normally lengthy trip through the liver, instead absorbing into the soft tissue and stomach. This allows the cannabinoids to take effect in a groundbreaking 2 to 15 minutes”


“As a result, Kiva’s gravy offers one of the fastest-acting and most bioavailable cannabinoids available in edibles today.”

Not A One-off Deal, too.

Kiva Confections has been around since 2010, founded by husband and wife team Scott and Krista Palmer (nee Knoblich). They decided to start the company due to their own frustrations about the lack of quality edibles in the California medical cannabis scene: underserved, untested, unlabeled and inconsistent in terms of potency.

A local chocolatier tour sparked the idea and, after years of work with cultivators and laboratories, now boast a lineup that includes chocolate edibles, mints and gummies.  Their products were pretty much a hit due to their consistent quality, with operations now extending towards dispensaries in not only California, but also Arizona, Nevada, Illinois and Hawaii!

Well, isn’t that just Gravy!

The product is limited-edition, though, and currently only available at all Sweet Flower (LA) and Grass Roots (SF) locations while supplies last, but who knows what’ll happen if it sells well. 

The good news is Kiva is already gearing up for their next holiday project. They’re using their “cutting edge technology” for better cannabinoid absorption found in this gravy for their limited-edition run of cannabis-infused hot cocoa in December. You can learn more about their products by following this link.

One thing’s for sure though: Anyone who gets this gravy probably isn’t going to be able to take any leftover turkey sandwich to work on Monday.