Searching the news to keep up to date on current marijuana stock events can be an arduous task. Important events are happening every second around the world. Luckily, if you are a member of Facebook, you have access to news about events, new or changing laws, and even new strains of marijuana. Cannabis enthusiasts are eager to share information and Facebook makes it easier than ever to stay in the loop. For a long time, Facebook blocked cannabis-related pages, which made it difficult for users to share information. However, you can now find these pages with a simple click of a button to find the best news on the marijuana industry.

High Times Marijuana Strain Guide
The High Times is a popular marijuana company that uses Facebook to provide details on various strains that may interest users and growers.

The Weed Blog
The Weed Blog is a perfect place for activists. It is ripe with information about updates and changes to marijuana laws and has a number of petitions members can sign to enact change.

Medical Jane
Medical Jane has over 100,000 fans and helps keep members up-to-date on current laws. They even run a contest each year where winners are sent to the High Times Cannabis Cup!

Growing Marijuana
Growing Marijuana contains information regarding growing. From basic steps to the complicated steps, members can learn and share information on setting up and maintaining growing operations.

Toke of the Town
Toke of the Town is a great place for fresh content. Most of the posts have a light and humorous feel, so it feels like sharing information among friends.

Cannabis Grow Bible
The Cannabis Grow Bible has everything you would want to know about the marijuana plant, recipes for marijuana products, and the cannabis industry as a whole. Both recreational and medical marijuana enthusiasts participate in sharing knowledge here.

Nuggetry is all about marijuana buds. This page often has great articles and information about the technological innovations regarding the cannabis industry as well as content regarding glass bongs, vapes, and dabs.

Hail Mary Jane
Hail Mary Jane has a unique focus on the culture around marijuana: music, events, and other news. You can also find some interesting apparel and entertainment in the cannabis industry.

Cannabis Training University
The Cannabis Training University page has been active since 2009 and has over 1.3 millions followers. Here you’ll find a diverse selection of cannabis news and marijuana enthusiasts.

Honorable Mentions

Cannabest Productions
Cannabest Productions is a video marketing company for the cannabis industry. They continually post relevant content to advocate for marijuana companies and users.

Cannabiz Connections
Cannabiz Connections is geared more towards business owners looking to grow in the cannabis industry. Think of it like chamber of commerce for marijuana businesses: a directory, a social network, and a business accelerator all in a single place. While this is more of a business to business page, they keep interesting and relevant posts a regular thing.

Invest in Weed
Our very own, Invest in Weed, helps investors make better decisions on the fast moving cannabis industry with marijuana stock analysis, sector growth, news alerts, and exclusive interviews.