What is the Seed-to-Sale Certified Quality Promise?


Aphria holds itself to high quality standards when it comes to the cultivation and production of medical cannabis. Our Seed-to-Sale Certified quality promise is our commitment to protecting the health and safety of patients and starts from the moment a plant is brought into our facility in Leamington, Ontario.

The Seed-to-Sale Certified quality promise isn’t a new system. From the day Aphria started growing and producing medical cannabis products in 2014, we adopted a strict quality management program of over 500 steps.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll give patients a look into our tightly regulated production practices through a series of articles designed to help you better understand how our quality management program is intended to ensure that Aphria only sells high quality medical cannabis products.

Stage 1 – Genetics and Cannabis Mother Plants

Did you know that all of Aphria’s medical cannabis plants originate from “mother plants”?
Mother plants and their unique genetic makeup serve an important role in the production of medical cannabis products and lead to the emergence of different strains.


Stage 2 – Planting and Growing

Aphria’s state-of-the-art automated greenhouse system ensures that only the healthiest and cleanest plants are selected for the growing process. Learn what steps are taken to grow cannabis and how these steps foster healthy, consistent, and chemical-free plant growth.


Stage 3 – Harvesting and Drying

Cannabis plants provide telltale signs when they are ready to be harvested. Once harvested, there are important steps  taken to prepare and dry the fresh flowers, a crucial step for ensuring product quality.


Stage 4 – Curing and Extraction

The whole cannabis bud can be used to produce a variety of cannabis products including dried flower, oils, oral spray, and softgel capsules. The ingredients and processes used to create the finished products can have an impact on the quality of that product.


Stage 5 – Quality Control

Before leaving our production facility, all Aphria products are checked by quality control operators, as well as samples from each lot sent to third party laboratories for testing. These quality checks help to ensure that Aphria’s patients only receive high quality cannabis products.

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