Everyone has heard that marijuana stocks are a “growing field”. It would be a mistake to overlook the investment opportunities in the cannabis industry. More than a few investment firms are recommending buy and hold strategies. With the legal trend around marijuana and the medical applications pointing towards big business over prosecution, growth investors are taking note.

There is credible reason to believe marijuana may be legalized at the federal level in the United States before long. Once that happens, it will be a race very much like the dot-com frenzy as investors pile in. The difference this time around is that the heart of the boom is a physical plant in enormous demand. These are the most influential investors in the marijuana stocks industry.

CB1 Capital

One of the fastest moving investors in this space is Todd Harrison, Chief Information Officer at CB1 Capital. Harrison is a principal officer in an investment company focused on both recreational marijuana and its pharmaceutical applications. He has been influencing market interest in cannabis investments for nearly ten years.

Being that far ahead of the market, Harrison has had an opportunity to fine-tune his strategy. His company stands poised to capitalize successfully on the “hockey stick” chart most investors expect will emerge when legalization occurs.

420 Investor

Alan Brochmann has a significant portfolio of marijuana investments. He counsels other investors to make certain the issues they pursue have official filings with the SEC at minimum. This is vital, as investments are regulated and should follow both financial disclosure and best practices when it comes to their business dealings.

Brochmann even offers an investor’s course, instructing new buyers in the market using his own portfolio of stocks as a reference and guide. This advice is applicable throughout any investor’s strategy. Reviewing relevant SEC filings is an excellent way to gauge the financial health and suitability of a publicly traded company.


Continuing the trend in buying the pharmaceutical potential in cannabis are MedMen co-founders Adam Bierman and Andrew Modlin. These two executives raised nearly $100 million to invest in cannabis companies from coast to coast, including dispensaries related to prescription marijuana.

While the market awaits the full marijuana legalization, the medical application market is the primary strategy for investors, as demonstrated by Bierman and Modlin. Their new investment vehicles and expertise are deciding factors in a business where reliable information is often hard to come by and even harder to verify.

The key to the kind of explosive market to emerge once the legal climate simplifies is investment discipline and simple goal setting. A fast-moving market is capable of producing good returns. However, it is also capable of deluding investors into making bad decisions and consuming their hard-earned capital.

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