The cannabis plant is a complex organism that has been used in medicine and spiritual ceremonies for thousands of years. It’s made up of over 400 chemical compounds, including cannabinoids like THC and CBD.

Many different parts of the cannabis plant can produce medicine or other products, but it starts with the buds. Buds are where trichomes (the sticky resin glands) reside, which contain most of the medicinal properties found in cannabis plants.

When people make flower extracts or tinctures, they use flowers because cannabinoids like THC and CBD are found in them. If you want to get more out of your medical marijuana experience, then using bud extracts will help you achieve your desired results faster than smoking flowers alone ever could.

You could also use other plant parts, including flowers, leaves, roots, and seeds.

The fame of cannabis resides in its flowers. When people smoke or make plant medicine, they use the flowers to produce cannabinoids which are housed within trichomes found on buds; this is also where terpenes can be found at their highest concentration with resin as an additional component that has historically been used for centuries before becoming a popular method of marijuana consumption today due to its psychedelic effects.

The iconic “pot” leaves grow around the buds, protecting them from pests and other factors. The sugar leaf contains more trichomes than fan-shaped ones but not as much as cannabis flowers themselves.

Despite an extensive history of medicinal use, cannabis roots haven’t received much attention in present-day medical practice and research. However, this is beginning to change as more people tap into the healing power found within them! Roots are often ground up before being steeped or cooked with other ingredients such as water for tea consumption; however, some cultures prefer squeezing out juice from fresh cut sections instead – either way, there’s no shortage of ways how you’ll enjoy your plants today.

When discussing the health benefits of cannabis, it’s hard to beat its protein intake. Cannabis seeds are one food that provides all essential amino acids and possesses potent anti-inflammatory properties like no other plant or animal product on earth; 3:1 ratio fatty acids make these little wonders rich in omega 6s and are high-quality sources for your own personal required amount each day.

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